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I couldn't figure out the last puzzle, so I decided to mess around until I clipped through the wall to get to the cake.

think about the 2nd to last one THE COLOR WHEEL

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The game lies in one way, and that's you have to complete puzzles. For most of them running face first into a wall will clip out of bounds and you'll fall and respawn in the next room. Overall, really fun game.

Edit: Turns out it is easier than I thought. You can actually just run into any corner, and as you clip in, turn opposite of the wall, still going toward the wall, and you can clip in.

When i press play the screen just turns out black and when i press WASD i hear walking sounds.

Azerty keyboard users having a hard time playing. Allow keymapping or add arrow mouvement plz :)

Really good some of the puzzles really took some thinking!

Cool game ... Nice puzzles ... Great work.. music is also good..

Check out my game too.... Can play on browser .